HOMSA is a Registered under the Companies Ordinance as a Religious, Educational and Social Service Organization. It has a General Body which elects Board of Management consist of 7 members and every three years two members are replaced with two new members who are nominated by the Genetal Body to serve on the Board of Management.


HOMSA is an Umbrella Organization under this several activities including Social and women empowering projects are being carried out. They are namely:

  1. Theological Training for Clergy, Pastors, Evangelists and Bible Women
  2. Employment opportunity and training in tea picking, pruning. It has 17 acre land in which 5-6 acres tea planted, and vegetables cultivated for domestic use.
  3. Literacy Programme for those who want to learn to read and write
  4. Play School for children to prepare them for for their Primary education. Play school children are taught 3 languages namely, Sinhala, Tamil and English
  5. Poverty Housing eradication by providing 7 perches of land and some financial assistance for them to build .their own homes
  6. Medical clinics are conducted time to time and also lessons on health and hygiene given to people of the area.