PROF.LM- PHOTO-01South Asia institute of Theology (SAIT) is a non-conventional, Bible centered, theological institute where class room and practical work go hand in hand. The goal is to provide a balanced ‘in service’ training for those who are already involved in the Lord’s work as evangelists, pastors and Bible women. They are in a class room five days a month and the remainder of the time out in the field where theory is put into practice. This revolutionized method of Theological education will give students around 150 credit hours and enable some to go for further studies. Those who successfully complete 60, go 120 and 150 credit hours qualify for a Diploma in Biblical studies; Diploma in Theology; Graduate in Theology or Bachelor in Theology respectively.

Middle East & South Asia Graduate School of Theology (MESA-GST) is committed to equip students to live and minister in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society through individual research, personal scholarship and cultural awareness. We provide in-depth, specialized study of the Bible and other subjects at a post Bachelor’s degree level. Our MA-Missions, MA-Theology and MA-Pastoral Psychology & Counselling programs are designed for critical thinkers, pushing each student to achieve a greater understanding and application of God’s Word.

Our graduates have either gone back to their professions, or are serving as pastors, missionaries and theological educators, or are continuing their studies in other theological institutions.  The International institute of Theological Studies-IITS in Dubai (1990) is affiliated to our campus.

MESA-GST and SAIT in collaboration with Yeshcol Bible College and Seminary, is a Member of All India Association of Christian Higher Education and also  accredited by  IATA (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THEOLOGICAL ACCREDITATION ) which is recognized and respected as an acceptable form of accreditation for those in pursuit of ministry related avocations.

We are also affiliated to Keisie International University in South Korea which is accredited by CIAC .  CIAC is a Federally recognized non-profit organization started in affiliation with the CIHF. CIAC has expanded its reach all across the globe with offices in the USA, Canada and Other International Regions, and several countries have CIAC Chapters and representative offices. CIAC has established high standards of excellence and quality assurance.  KeisieI is licensed, authorized, accredited through the Chuncheon City Office of Education, and operates as a private educational services institute in South Korea.

I hope you will enjoy our comprehensive website and I look forward to welcoming you to SAIT and MESA_GST.

Prof.Lakshman Madurasinghe., PhD., DBA., ThD
Chancellor Hebron Eco University consisting of  MESA-GST and SAIT