1(1)Middle East & South Asia Graduate School of Theology is committed to equip students to live and minister in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society through individual research, personal scholarship and cultural awareness. We provide in-depth, specialized study of the Bible and other subjects at a post Bachelor’s degree level.

Further your education to fulfill your role in God’s kingdom or to pursue an academic path or a practical life in ministry. Our programs are designed for critical thinkers, pushing each student to achieve a greater understanding and application of God’s Word.

Teaching is offered both by our resident faculty and by numerous adjunct and guest lecturers.

Our graduates have either gone back to their professions, or are serving as pastors, missionaries and theological educators, or are continuing their studies in other theological institutions.

We are supported mainly by churches and individuals who share our vision of laity training.


Affordable – We are determined to make available the graduate programmes at an affordable cost without a burden to either the candidate or his church.
Biblically Sound – We place a strong emphasis on the word of God and take His word as primary.
Learned and Godly – All faculty and students are active members of their own churches and are always encouraged to maintain an active faith life. We are determined to provide scholars who are “ learned and godly”.
Quality – The quality of education at MESA-GST is directed by highly credentialed faculty members who are committed to the student’s success and transformation.
Location – We operate a campus in the picturesque surroundings of Norton Bridge, Sri Lanka surrounded by undulating hills and lush vegetation. We also have a campus in Dubai.


  • MA- Missions
  • MA- Theology
  • MA-Pastoral Psychology and Counseling


iitsInternational Institute of Theological Studies in the Arabian Gulf is affiliated to MESA-GST. School of Counselling will commence in April 2015.