South Asia institute of Theology (SAIT) is a non-conventional, Bible centered, theological institute where class room and practical work go hand in hand. The goal is to provide a balanced ‘in service’ training for those who are already involved in the Lord’s work as evangelists, pastors and Bible women. They are in a class room five days a month and the remainder of the time out in the field where theory is put into practice. This indeed is a new and revolutionized concept in Theological Training.


What happened after the first Pentecost is happening in South Asia today. With persecution and violence and attack on churches in this region, new believers are added to churches and new churches are being planted in an unprecedented manner.

Our Vision

To train and equip Christian men and women from rural areas as evangelists, pastors and teachers to reach the lost and plant churches in their own areas. A church in every village.

Our Mission

We are committed to carrying on “The Lord’s Great commission” by mentoring men and women through a systematic and disciplined study of God’s word and thereby multiplying “bare foot soldiers” for Jesus Christ.