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What We Offer

This revolutionized method of Theological education will give students around 150 credit hours and enable some to go for further studies. Those who successfully complete 60, go 120 and 150 credit hours qualify for a diploma in Biblical studies; Diploma in Theology; Graduate in Theology or Bachelor in Theology respectively. This newly designed five year curriculum ‘ allows men and women, the knowledge to faithfully uphold evangelical doctrines. We are delighted in this opportunity to equip and encourage ‘front line soldiers’ who faithfully serve their Lord in Sri Lanka.

South Asia Institute has been Accomplished

What has been Accomplished

Since its inception a large number of men and women have been trained to serve as rural pastors, evangelists and women workers. Currently there are 78 men and women from different independent churches and denominations undergoing a ‘five year curriculum’. These courses are offered Monday through Friday during the last week of the month. This is generally very convenient to most student pastors who are able to follow the courses while in service.


Accredited by IATA and a Member of AIACHE in collaboration with Yeshcol Bible College​.